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Republic of Indonesia is the ones of the nation that have the many-many people in the world, with their population are more than 250 millions, low in mortality number, and high in natality number.
To consist of 33 province, Jateng (Central Java) is the province have most many people in Java island.
Number of population are indicate number of housing needs
in December 2008, Jateng actually 0,4% deflation, go down of gas price, to ascend property buying by the peoples.
The ones to perhaps of property investment growth in Jateng are starting construction of 'Semarang-Solo Toll Street' is part of mega project ' Trans Java Toll Street', to connected Jakarta-Semarang straightly.
At July 8st 2009 ago, we are finished to choose a President with democracy system, and Mr Susilo Bambang Yudoyono are choosing. This moment mean that expectation future of investment in Indonesia are good.

a. Back Ground
Housing are primary needs of every peoples.
Small in income to cause any people not able to build their house.
Not many developer yet that play in lower market, while the market have too big potency, to cause no many competitor.
We wish to help the peoples to get the house, give the job for many peoples, and to less the poor.

b. Advantage
- In stock of housing for center and lower people groups.
- Usage of many worker until to lessen the unemployment.
- Even though not too many, but with right strategy and management, profit from this are
enough and 'halal'.

c. Safety Factor.
For savety your investment, we are take the step like this :
- Clearness of the market are main, and coordination of right 'time schedule' and 'cash flow', until
investment rate will be controlled and risk are pressurement.
- We have a many alternative data base of market to overcome the failed market.
- We are a legal company.
- In World Economic Crisis, this time, fluctuation of material buildings price in ruler of savety.
If must be to happen the bad condition (except natural disaster), that the property are not saled and not be continued, then all of the asset are saled and we will return your money minus debts. But insyaAllah this moment will not happen. Allah SWT will help the human being that love to help.
Except natural disaster risk will be protect by insurance.

In this activity, my team act as developer (to planing, searching for location, marketing, and contractors). Market strategy, time schedule and cashflow is authority of my team.
Investor act as capital funder, will accept exposition plan of cashflow and evaluation report once at every 3 (three) month.
Outcome is look at 1 (one) years later from your investment.
Bank gift Loan facility to buyers, also down payment and subsidy of interest.
House building are build have been MOU and down payment will be receive. Step by step as our time schedules.

Joint System that we give to you are : “Joint Operation Syariah Sirqoh Mudharabah”.
I would like to profit sharing with you at 40% : 60%, it's mean if we average take profit at 60% from capital, you get profit = 40% x 60% = 24% from your capital that to rotate.
At formal we must make the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), better we meet face-to-face. If to happen of long distance, we can make post service to transfer the documents. If we are going to oversea, then cost of passport, transportations, and accommodations fully Investor task and pay in front with transfer bank account before.
Basic calculate of work plan and sharing profit to be considered by 'Rupiah' (Rp.) unit of currency. If capital is from Dollar (exp:US$), then must conversion to Rupiah (Rp.) at first. Value change about unit of currency as fully risk has been understand together.
Long distance communication making internet/ e-mail, and this cost have been estimate in investment plan.

In big investment understanding (Rp.,- and more). To get the certain market, we ready to multiply this business making our network in almost of all country in Jateng (Central Java) and the other province (exp: West Java, East Java, Banten, Lampung etc)

A. Site Plan
a) 21/60 Type :
- 1 visitor room, merangkap ruang keluarga dan ruang makan
- 1 bedroom
- 1 bathroom
- Space to development
b) 27/60 Type :
- 1 visitor room, merangkap ruang keluarga dan ruang makan
- 2 bedroom
- 1 bathroom
- Space to development

B. Materials/ Specification
Materials that we use are :
- Stone Foundations
- Sloof, Column, Ring balk with concrete.
- Wall from brick stone with plaster and mortar, finishing with paint.
- Door/Window frame with wood. Paint finishing.
- Door framework with wood, triplex layer.
- Glass Window with wood framework, paint finishing.
- Floor with Ceramic 30x30
- Bathroom : - floor with ceramic 20x20
- Wall layer by ceramic
- mini bathtub with fiberglass
- Doorframe and door with PVC
- closet
- Roof framework with wood
- Roofing with rooftile

Supplement Specification :
- Electricity = 900 Watt, 220 V
- Pure Water Fasility
- Drainage
- Street of village
- mosque
- Sport facility
- Garden and play ground
This specifiction is not an agreement, can be changed about situation.

Such this prospectus that we are bargain to you. If not clear, please contact at my e-mail : adib2_oke@yahoo.co.id and thanks for your attention.

- Al-Qur'an
- Undang – Undang Republik Indonesia Nomor. 18 Tahun 1999 Tentang Jasa Konstruksi
- KEPPRES No. 73 Tahun 1998
- KEPPRES No. 7 Tahun 1998
- Peraturan Pelaksanaan Undang- Undang Jasa Konstruksi Tahun 2000
- Peraturan Menteri Dalam Negeri Nomor : 9 Tahun 2009, Tentang Pedoman Penyerahan
Prasarana, Sarana dan Utilitas Perumahan dan Permukiman di Daerah


email : berkah.aldira2@gmail.com


CV. BERKAH ALDIRA is a Company that basically in Contractors,
location in Semarang city, Indonesia.
'Amanah' is an my hight commitment in agree at every sign of contract agreement between company and all business partner of CV. BERKAH ALDIRA, until we are to guarantee that partnership with us is partnership which Safely and Syariah.
As your believed and attention, which have been or will be relation to us, in this moment , we told to thanks all of you.

Vision, Mission, and Motto

CV. Berkah Aldira with commitment to partnership in the same profitable with business partners make the all of resourcing to build the quality product and trusted for the peoples.

CV. Berkah Aldira to try to realize the professional concept and syariah with proportional, and make more advantage for all side.

Quality and good service , certainly legality, and 'amanah' is our promise.
At a glance

About Company

Name :

Legality :
- No. Deed of establishment : 1 Tgl. 03-06-2002
- No. NPWP (tax register) : 01.985.880.2-504.000
- No. PKP : 08.819.087.1.518.000
- TDP (company register) :
- SIUP (permission of Company) : 852/11.01/PK/IV/2008

Adress of Company :
Office Address : Jl. Supriyadi No. 8 Semarang
Studio Address : Perum Graha Wahid
Cluster Madrid, Blok G-17, Semarang
E-mail address : berkah.aldira2@gmail.com

Field of Business
Contractors, Developer, Property Agent, Trading, Furniture, Interior Design

Human Resources
Our Company will support by the experience people in his specification , as Civilians, Architects, Economics, Socials, Governments, and to reach the craftsman and coolie .


Bank Jateng
Bank BRI
City Bank
Bank BTN
Bank BNI’46

Contact Person

081.741.69.276 (Adib)
081.575.00.2755 (Anggono)
081.741.62.375 (Heru)